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The auction houses, art dealers, luxury merchants, and the sumptuous shopping experience of London's Mayfair neighborhood are well-known. When the May Fair was held in this area in 1600, the district was given its name. By the end of the 18th century, the majority of Mayfair had been developed with upper-class residences; unlike some other London neighborhoods, it has maintained its rich status up until these days. Mayfair today has a large number of high-end residential properties and luxurious stores and restaurants. One such restaurant was established in 2011 by Arkadiy Novikov, when his international brand Novikov Restaurant & Bar officially opened in Mayfair, London.

Mayfair has enticed diners with a trifecta of the most appealing eating ideas, merging two separate restaurants - one Italian, the other Pan-Asian - and a Lounge Bar into a world of dining and leisure possibilities since its inception. From the King Crab Leg Wasabi Gratinated to the Lemongrass Duck and Miso Black Cod, the Asian Restaurant's menu is brimming with delicacies you'll want to eat. The dining room is dark and luscious on the inside, and it's a very cultivated environment. On the other hand, in the Italian Restaurant, you feel as if you've walked into Capri. Wrought iron accents, potted trees, and an open kitchen with a fish counter, precisely like at an Italian market. Chef Marco Torri is in charge of the menu, which celebrates the finest of Italy's regional cuisine. Calamari fritti that are addictively Moorish, crostini with nduja and mozzarella, and burrata that taste like indulgent butter with a topping of gold powder.

The Novikov brand has become a synonym for groundbreaking cuisine by the best chefs, modern interior design, the highest quality of service, and a relaxing atmosphere. Novikov Restaurant opened its doors in more locations, including Sardinia, Miami, Doha, and Bodrum. 

Sushi, dim sum, and other distinctive Pan-Asian cuisine are included on a meticulously constructed menu. The contemporary and pleasant furnishings are both warm and soothing while being discreet enough not to detract from the cuisine.

A separate Lounge Bar, with its extensive drink menu, live music, and performances by some of the world's greatest DJs, is also a must-see venue. The dress code in the restaurant is formal and elegant. Please avoid wearing athletics, beachwear, shorts, or headgear to prevent disappointment. Only heels are permitted for women. On the other hand, men are free to wear whichever kind of flats they wish.

The venue's stunning interiors, which span three stories, were designed by Geometry Design Moscow and managed by Keir Townsend Project Managers. The Asian Restaurant's main entrance is located on Berkeley Street. The chilly granite walls contrast with the dramatic lacquered ebony bar counter, adorned with a jade stone that belongs to Arkady Novikov. Wood, stone, and leather are all-natural sources utilized in this location. Little touches like a broken stone wall and bamboo chandeliers balance them out. The ambiance is both pleasant and soothing while being modest enough not to detract from the meal.

The open kitchen, which evokes the atmosphere of an Asian food market, is the most distinguishing feature of the Novikov Restaurant. Chefs work culinary miracles in front of large displays of seafood supplied from all over the world and the best seasonal foods designed to evoke the environment of an Asian food store.
The Asian Restaurant specializes in Chinese and Pan Asian food, with a menu created by Head Chef Jeff Tyler, a highly qualified and competent Japanese chef. Tyler is recognized for playing with diverse textures, flavors, ingredients, and dishes like King Crab with Penang Sauce and Pork Belly with Spicy Glaze demonstrate this skill. Sushi, dim sum, and grilled and charcoaled foods are also available, including Spicy Lamb Cutlets and Miso Black Cod.

With an enormous wood-fired oven, suede wall paneling, handcrafted Moroccan tiles, mirrors in solid oak frames, and chandeliers with candles, the Italian Restaurant offers a modern but exquisite vibe. Lighting systems that are complex and state-of-the-art may alter the environment.

It serves traditional Italian cuisine with a modern touch. The menu, created by Marco Torri, has a fantastic range of antipasti, including Tartare di Salmone o Tonno and Carpaccio di Manzo, as well as a variety of handmade pasta. For example, Branzino Arrosto con Caponata (Roasted Wild Sea Bass Fillet with Sweet & Sour Sicilian Vegetables) is a fish meal. In contrast, Piccione al Forno con Cavolo Nero (Oven-roasted Pigeon with Sautéed Cavolo Nero) is a meat dish.

What the customers are saying about Novikov is, first and foremost, the exceptional atmosphere and great food. Novikov disarms you the moment you step through the door. It's bouncy, joyful, and bustling. There's a lot to look at, but the best part is the fantastic cuisine and beverages to whet the appetite. Everyone can find something reassuring – or amusing.

Novikov Restaurant & Bar has retained its status as the capital's most successful restaurant over 11 years after its opening in one of the fastest increasing culinary capital cities. The guests will find antiques next to modern furniture, Asian accessories next to classical chandeliers and vividly colored velvets next to old leather in this diverse collection of things from several nations and times.