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We have a comprehensive guide for things to do in London, categorised by major district, where we mention the best bars, clubs and night life activities to do with your elite london escort from Blue Velvet Girls.  

Well, you have just arrived in town and eager to show off your new arm candy.  If you really have no idea about the joys of London our advice would be to talk to the London savvy, Blue Velvet receptionists about what sort of entertainment is going to go down well with your particular date. Some girls may like sushi, others may be horrified by the prospect of eating raw fish. Some may dig a West End show, others may prefer your hotel bar with its ill tempered bartender and plentiful supply of salted peanuts.

General safe bets: go for a romantic stroll around Covent Garden. If the small talk runs dry there are always loads of things to chat and laugh about, bars to dive into, mimes to ridicule and over priced chocolate gifts to treat her to. Plus, there is the added bonus of EVERYONE looking jealously at you cavorting with your new girlfriend. Make sure you hold her hand, to ensure their jealousy runs deep....

We’re a big fan of Selfridges. Easy to get lost in. Champagne and Oysterbar down on the ground floor (closes at 6.30). Wander around the lingerie department for something she can put on for you later on, and something you can take off almost immediately afterwards. Hop in a cab for a flirtly kiss and cuddle in the back seat, and before you know it you are in the West End or back at your hotel. Selfridges is considered by us as part of central London (where we have a few escorts waiting for you) and is a much less pretentious store than Harrods - less touristy, less stress and less money. As always, super hot girls down in the perfumery department.

Both of these two things, Covent Garden and Selfridges, allow you to get to know each other, with plenty of things at both venues to keep you talking and giggling.

If your pockets run relatively deep, check out the over priced Shard. Book ahead to get the window seat. Four restaurants to suit just about any taste, and one cocktail bar, Gong and even a ground floor deli, Lang. As far as the restaurants go, we like Aqua, which offers fancy Brit food.

If you are lucky enough to have your swanky hotel somewhere near one of the fab parks in London, surprise your elite London escort by taking her for a romantic stroll in one of them. There are always loads of couples canoodling and cavorting, and it’s just a calm, relaxing place to go away from the hustle and bustle of central London.

Always good for people watching, squirrel watching and, of course, holding hands and get to know one another. Green Park, our fave, runs from Mayfair up to Buckingham Palace. You can do a gentle stroll and cover that in about 20 minutes. Sit down, watch some children fighting, and surprise your date with a small bottle of Champagne you have tucked away in your bag. Couple of plastic glasses and your battle will be won, seduced by your charm, and she will be all yours. Let us know how it goes!

Don’t do the boating lake in Hyde Park unless you have seen your escort before. Trapped in a boat and the conversation runs dry - there is no escape apart from swimming back alone. Don’t do it.