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Our Escort Guide section here is mostly for SEO, of course, but you may find something of interest if you care to peruse this invaluble collection of articles about the London escort scene. We hope to cover topics such as high end agencies, escort services and the various types of girls you can expect to find working for the numerous agency services dotted around London. Blue Velvet Girls is female owned and operated and has been operating since 2006 - over 15 years now - testament to our honest approach in both customer service and in selcting which girls we with to represent. To this end - your feedback with any escort booking is invaluable to us. You can send us a review or if you prefer use our anonymous CONTACT US form.


The Best Escorts in London
With so many agencies and gorgeous girls to choose from, how on earth do you make that so important decision? If you are living in London, the best advice is to find an agency you trust, and stick with them. Agency owners will do their utmost to find you the perfect match because they want you to use them again, and become a regular client. 


Expensive Escorts in London
Expensive doesn't always mean best, of course, but expensive usually does mean 'elite', which is synonymous with high end, high class girls that are perhaps published models or at the very least degree educated. With prices starting at around £600 an hour you can expect the very best girl, easy to converse with, intelligent, nice and flirty and ideal for a dinnner date. All of our expensive girls can be found in our elite gallery.


High Class Escort Agencies and Upmarket Agency Services
With so many high end escort agencies in London to choose from the choice can be daunting. Keys to success - an agency that is well and truly established (Blue Velvet Girls is currently in it's sixteenth year) and with a fresh collection of lovely girls to indicate it is still operating. Many agencies just wither and die, and the escorts stay on the site with no indication if they are still working. Here at Blue Velvet we are constantly adding to our portfolio, and the active newsfeed on the home page shows you all of the latest new escorts arriving.


High Class London Escorts
High class girls, upmarket girls, or perhaps the most familiar term is 'elite'. Here at Blue Velvet Girls we strive to offer a nice selection of reputable and vetted girls whom we have interviewed and met. We are more of a curated 'boutique' agency with a lesser number of quality girls. We understand some of our competitors prefer a different approach, offering perhaps hundreds of escorts, but girls they have never met or know much about. We are the exact opposite, and we think the less is more approach beneficial to both you and to us.


Oriental and Asian Girls London
There are several agencies in London that cater solely to this market, but we prefer a more curated approach, selecting Oriental girls who are both educated and can offer the services - charm, grace and panache - that you can expect from a Blue Velvet girl. The Asian escorts we offer are perhaps limited in selection due to the stringent vetting process we perform - and so you can be assured that the Oriental escorts we offer are all top calibre girls befitting your attention.


Sexy Girls In London
Yes, of course, we tout the intellect and playfulness of our girls, but at the end of the day, for your fantasy night out is a hot, sexy girl that draw the attention. Longer dates we always recommend calling us so we can find that perfect match where there can be some chemisty, but for just an hour or a two hour booking - is sex appeal you want. Party girls or perhaps a busty escort - just what the doctor ordered.

South American Escorts in London
The prized Latin beauty that so many men are drawn to. The South American girls we offer here at Blue Velvet are predominantly from Brazil and most are published models too. Sun tanned skin, an urge to play beach volleyball at the drop of a hat and a real fascination with English and European men - these are the traits of Latin escorts that make them so appealing.


Things To Do In London
Yes, we know what you want to do, but sometimes there is a little downtime, to recharge one's batteries. Or perhaps you are on a dinner date and fancy something a little different to do with you elite escort from Blue Velvet Girls. Here is a little guide with a few suggestions on how to enjoy a more romantic date with one of our sexy girls.